Flawed Study Shows A Sharp Rise in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Yesterday’s post described research performed at Northwestern University that found a sharp increase in the number of men diagnosed with advanced aggressive prostate cancer between 2004 and 2013. The research interpretation raised the possibility that the United States Preventive Task Force (USPTF) decision to recommend against the use of the PSA test for prostate cancer [...]

Reporting A Concerning Increase In The Number Of Men Diagnosed With Advanced Prostate Cancer

According to information from a published report from the Tuesday, July 19, 2016 edition of HealthDay News, there has been an explosion of new cases of advanced prostate cancer in the United States. They reported on a study using data on nearly 800,000 men listed in the National Cancer Data Base who had been diagnosed [...]

More From ASCO GU 2016 – ExoDx™ Prostate(IntelliScore): A More Precise, Genetically Informed Prostate Cancer Test from a Simple Urine Sample

The constant hope and conversation of late has surrounded what is referred to as a liquid biopsy. The hope and goal is to no longer need to have an invasive needle biopsy to diagnose and stage prostate cancer. Biopsies are not accurate because there are too many false negatives, they only evaluate the actual tissue [...]

PSA Values For Prostate Cancer Diagnosis In Men Who Are HIV Positive Might Be Different Than For Men Who Are Not HIV Positive

In General the use of a PSA value in excess of 4.0 µg/L is considered a clinical indicator for men at risk for prostate cancer. But, is this a good prognostic indicator in men who are HIV Positive? Researchers found that PSA was highly predictive of prostate cancer in men with HIV; however the commonly [...]

SEER PSA Data Is Flawed and Removed By the NCI – What Are the Implications for the Flawed USPTF PSA Debacle?

I am not sure what to do with this information, but it certainly could be described as a rather large elephant in the room. We all are very familiar with the prostate cancer PSA test controversy brought on by the United States Preventive Task Force (USPTF). To quickly review the issue, the USPTF developed a [...]

Obama Says “Men, You Don’t Count” As He Eliminates All Prostate Cancer Funding From His Proposed 2016 Budget At The CDC

Men, you don’t count! You have NO VALUE! That is the absolute truth according to President Obama. Just released budget documents from the President proposed budget for 2016 recommends that ALL CDC funding for Prostate Cancer be eliminated! Let me make this clear, no, the President is not recommending that Prostate Cancer funds be cut, [...]

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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Mortality Rates Unchanged – But Fewer Men Are Becoming Metastatic

The PSA controversy continues to plague men’s health. The United States Preventive Task Force’s recommendation against using the PSA blood test as a screening tool for prostate cancer (PCa) will bring additional harms to men. Since the beginning of PSA testing the mortality rate from prostate cancer has declined significantly, but there has been no [...]

An Email & A Response About Prostate Cancer & Family History

I received an email from a lady from Australia that I though would be informative to share. It discusses genetic links and risk factors for hormonally related (including prostate) cancers: HER EMAIL TO ME Hi there :) I hope you don't mind me emailing you? I'm a lady from Australia and have 3 uncles with [...]

No PSA Test Means More Men will be Diagnosed with A Terminal Illness, Advanced Prostate Cancer

Finally, we are getting a little common sense discussion about the role of PSA screening. Not to beat a dead horse, but as we all know the United Sates Preventive Task Force (USPTF) changed their rating of the PSA test from a D to a F. The result of this change is that many doctors, [...]

FDA Approves the PHI Test to Screen for Prostate Cancer

Not in the normal realm of advanced prostate cancer, but important for the prostate cancer world is the news that the FDA has approved a new screening test for prostate cancer. The currently used screening tool, the PSA has only a 55% accuracy rate and as recently run into serious trouble with The U.S. Preventive [...]