Post Your Comments About PSA Testing With The USPSTF

It is important that we all add comments to the “Opportunity for Public Comment – Screening for Prostate Cancer: USPSTF Recommendation Statement DRAFT at the following URL I chose to make the following comments: […]

To Treat or Not To Treat, That Is The Question

There are no right or wrong answers for men with prostate cancer when trying to decide what treatment to have, or even if they want to have treatment. One vital piece of information that is often left out of the equation is the chance of dying from prostate cancer if a man chooses not to [...]

Prostate Cancer Deaths Predicted to Rise By 17 Percent in 2010 !

Did you hear the news? These alarming 2010 projections for prostate cancer deaths were just released. Isn't it nice that they were released just prior to Father’s Day, so have a happy Father’s Day. These projections call for a massive 17 % increase in prostate cancer caused deaths as well as a more than 13 [...]

Mammograms vs PSA Testing – What A Surprise As Men Lose Again

On this blog I have tried to be minimally involved in writing about the PSA screening controversy, but I find it is getting hard to continue to avoid the issue. As I ate my breakfast this morning I was reading the New York Times and came upon the article “Quandary with Mammograms: Get a Screening, [...]

Younger Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Have A Shorter Lifespan

Advanced prostate cancer poses a deadly paradox for younger men (aged 35 to 44 years). Younger men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer will have a shorter remaining life span than older men who develop the disease, despite the fact that in general younger men have a much lower risk of dying from prostate cancer. Daniel [...]

Prostate Caner Awareness in London

On June 13, 2009 I wrote about a competition taking place in London (UK) between a group of very selective advertisement agencies. One entry into the competition was a “wild card” entry, promoting prostate cancer awareness. The actual advertisement can be viewed at this link (you can just click on the link): The ultimate [...]

Younger Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer Die Earlier from the Cancer

A paradoxical, but logical finding, indicates that I am more likely to die from prostate cancer than my fellow pc survivors. In the world of prostate cancer I am a young man. I was diagnosed at 50 years and suffered a recurrence at 55 years, in the prostate cancer world this makes me a young [...]

The Search for Biomarkers for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

The May 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine carried a report about some recent research looking to identify biomarkers for aggressive prostate cancer. We have been plagued with our inability to differentiate between which prostate cancers are aggressive and will kill and which are actually indolent and will not affect a man’s life. [...]


The following statement about the recent controversy regarding PSA testing was issued this morning by the thirteen organizations , including Malecare, listed at the bottom of the statement: A JOINT STATEMENT FROM AMERICA'S PROSTATE CANCER ADVOCACY, EDUCATION, AND SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS Since 1993, when the PLCO trial was started, we have awaited the results of this [...]

The PSA Controversy

Over the last few days the media has been full of debate about the most recent, contradictory studies that have been released about the efficacy of the PSA as a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer. Normally, I would not write about this issue in this blog since those of us with recurrences and advanced prostate [...]

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