Men, you don’t count!

You have NO VALUE!

That is the absolute truth according to President Obama.

Just released budget documents from the President proposed budget for 2016 recommends that ALL CDC funding for Prostate Cancer be eliminated!

Let me make this clear, no, the President is not recommending that Prostate Cancer funds be cut, he is recommending that they be entirely eliminated (by 100%) from the CD’s budget! That’s right I said eliminated, gone, no money at all.

President Obama has lost sight that prostate cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death among men but his budget request entirely eliminates prostate cancer funding at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Malecare is shocked to see this request, no I mean attack on men. Malecare will advocate not for a reinstatement of the CDC budget, but for an increase so that there will be a greater awareness of prostate cancer. Given the current state of the PSA test as a diagnostic tool it is ever more important that discussions continue between patients and th