In General the use of a PSA value in excess of 4.0 µg/L is considered a clinical indicator for men at risk for prostate cancer. But, is this a good prognostic indicator in men who are HIV Positive?

Researchers found that PSA was highly predictive of prostate cancer in men with HIV; however the commonly used PSA value of greater than 4ng/mL to indicate high prostate cancer risk was not sensitive to the HIV population. It was found that the use of the lower cut-off of a diagnostic PSA to a number greater than 1. 5 ng/mL warrants consideration.

Antiviral therapy. 2016 Jan 29 [Epub ahead of print]

Leah Shepherd, Álvaro H Borges, Lene Ravn, Richard Harvey, Mark Bower, Andrew Grulich, Michael Silverberg, Gitte Kronborg, Massimo Galli, Ole Kirk, Jens Lundgren, Amanda Mocroft, EuroSIDA in EuroCOORD

PMID: 26823399