Cancergraph, free Quality of Life mobile app launched worldwide today!

Malecare launches Cancergraph, a Quality of Life mobile app recording. It's free on the iOS Apple App store, right now! Go to the App store on your iPhone or Download here Android coming in November. Cancergraph tracks your cancer symptoms and side effects over days, months and years. Designed by cancer survivors and caregivers, [...]

Three Videos Of Interest To The Prostate Cancer Community

Recently our long time partner, Patient Power ( has produced a number of videos that are of significant interest to all members of the prostate cancer community. Darryl Mitteldorf, Executive Director of Malecare talks about Malecare and what it does for men with cancer at: Darryl Mitteldorf, founder of the National LGBT Cancer Project [...]

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ASCO Publishes Two Independent Research Programs from Malecare

Malecare not only is the world’s largest prostate cancer support and education organization it also is responsible for prostate cancer research which has been recognized and published by the world’s largest organization of oncologists, the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO). At the last ASCO GU Conference Malecare presented a poster and had published an [...]

Perhaps My Most Important Post

As we reach this holiday season I want to remind you that Malecare has been working to help you and your family survive longer and have a better quality of life. We have helped you in ways that you are aware of; like through this blog and by the Malecare Advanced Prostate Cancer Online Support Group. [...]

Malecare Issued Patent For A Device and Method Which Can Reduce Secondary Tumors from Radiation Therapy

On October 27, 2015, Malecare was issued patent 9,168,002 for a device and method for real time simultaneous measurement of radiation at specific parts of your body,. Understanding cumulative radiation exposure in people undergoing ionizing radiation for diagnostics and medical treatment is essential towards reducing secondary tumors from primary radiation therapy.   We believe that the [...]

Malecare’s New Advanced Prostate Cancer Newsletter – Only Actionable Items To Live A Happier & Longer Life

Malecare has recently launched a newsletter specifically about advanced, metastatic prostate cancer. This is the only Newsletter in publication that is dedicated exclusively to advanced prostate cancer. Everything in the newsletter is about advanced prostate cancer and every article is actionable by you. The Newsletter is about things that you can use today to improve [...]

Malecare Responds to the New York Times About the High Costs of Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatments

Darryl, the Malecare Executive Director, posted an organizational response to yesterday's New York Times Article on the newly approved advanced prostate cancer drugs and their economic impact. I thought that I would share his insightful post with everyone. "We can easily price commodities and drugs to whatever the market will bare, but how do we [...]

Tell the World About Malecare and Improve Our Exposure

Dear Friends, If you love the work of Malecare Cancer Support, then tell the world! You may or may not realize it, but Malecare has grown to become America's largest men's cancer survivor support and advocacy national nonprofit. Malecare is a 13-year-old all volunteer organization, and our mission is to help men and their families [...]