Malecare has recently launched a newsletter specifically about advanced, metastatic prostate cancer. This is the only Newsletter in publication that is dedicated exclusively to advanced prostate cancer. Everything in the newsletter is about advanced prostate cancer and every article is actionable by you.

The Newsletter is about things that you can use today to improve your life and live longer. For example, in the next edition some of the articles will be about the negative side effects of long term bisphosphonate therapy; the efficacy of Xtandi after the failure of Zytiga and using Zytiga to treat soft tissue tumors.

I write the Newsletter for you, men with advanced prostate cancer, your caretakers and family. Besides a link to the sponsors who have very generously supported this project there are no advertisements
We will supply simple and vital information to help you be happier and live longer.

If you would be interested in receiving the free newsletter (you can unsubscribe at anytime) just register here, on the blog. You can sign up by supplying your email address just below the Masthead.

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.