As we reach this holiday season I want to remind you that Malecare has been working to help you and your family survive longer and have a better quality of life.

We have helped you in ways that you are aware of; like through this blog and by the Malecare Advanced Prostate Cancer Online Support Group. We also have been helping you in ways that you may not know about, such as with our advocacy efforts where we are the leading voice for Advanced Stage Prostate Cancer research funding and fair access to affordable treatments.

You might not know, but Malecare has also been facilitating independent research that will help extend and improve the quality your life!   We recently culminated four years of work by obtaining a patent on a method and device to reduce secondary tumor development from radiation treatments. Do you know of any other prostate cancer nonprofit that actually has made something that saves lives?  We’re super proud of this accomplishment and have more projects in the works.

Besides continuing our research efforts we still have much more advocacy work ahead of us. We also have to continue to develop more support and educational projects like this blog, the online support group and the Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer.

All of our services are available without charge to everyone. Once a year, we ask for your financial assistance and this is that time of year. If you want us to be able to continue our work please make your generous donation now. If you think that we have added value to your life or the life of a family member please make your donation now.  Please donate at Donate