Darryl, the Malecare Executive Director, posted an organizational response to yesterday’s New York Times Article on the newly approved advanced prostate cancer drugs and their economic impact. I thought that I would share his insightful post with everyone.

“We can easily price commodities and drugs to whatever the market will bare, but how do we price human life? What value do we place on the minutes, hours and days that we share with loved ones? What cost to society is our death versus the cost of keeping us alive?
Are the last days and months of our lives worth any less than our teenage and young adult years?

How do we judge comparable public costs? The cost of end stage prostate cancer treatments is comparable to the cost of one smart bomb dropped in Libya. It’s easy to complain about drug company profits…but, lots of companies have even greater profits margins, without providing any life saving values to our country, let alone, to humanity.

Who would you rather be making millions…..your favorite actor or singer, or a group of scientists developing life saving treatments?”

Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
Executive Director
Malecare Cancer Support

Thank you Darryl for your thoughtful post.