Knowing Good from Bad Information Published on the Internet

We all use the Internet to learn about our prostate cancer, your reading this post confirms this statement. The Internet can be a useful tool for finding information and connecting with other patients and caregivers. However, it can also be a nightmare of unreliable misinformation. Understanding what is credible, accurate and reliable information about prostate [...]


Over the years I have written quite a bit about my family and being a dad. I have shared the good, the bad, and the depressing. So in my own head I think that I have earned the right to gush about Dev's current successes (Did I mention that my son, after all the years [...]

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This just makes me smile. Perhaps it will do the same for you. Just let it load (or click the words "slow progress?" to go to the site) and enjoy the theatrics. This post is a limited engagement so catch it while you can!

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This past weekend my wife was sick with some kind of 24 hour bug. I was glad to see her resting for a change, but not under the circumstances. I purchased the soup and juice needed to combat any sickness and plowed her with acetaminophen to keep the fever down. I am also a self [...]

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A Good Reason To Learn About Your Cancer

A report published in the April 1 issue of Cancer stated that Dr. Stacy Gray, as lead investigator from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, has released some findings about the role internet research plays on the quality of care received by cancer survivors. Her main conclusion was that cancer survivors who research their disease [...]


My name is Keith and I'm a Facebook holdout. For the last several months I've been leaning toward joining the club, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. I can barely keep up with my blog, and the in-the-flesh friends I have, much less an online community. Plus Facebook seems like so [...]

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