Why you should stay at home, unless you have difficulty breathing

Coronavirus COVID-19 talk by Malecare Board of Directors member Vincent Santillo, MD

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Hello okay it’s Tuesday it’s that day seven. 

   Of the Corona virus code nineteen pandemic and it does feel like a wave about to crash I know it’s already started crashing for some people in the U. S..   But there is definitely an apprehension in the air as we get ready for this so some big guidelines changes yesterday not guidelines or recommendations coming out from New York City New York state and also the CDC. 

   In terms of gatherings and we should be doing in terms of social isolation so that’s really what I’m gonna talk about today.  I’m gonna go through the NYC health recommendations what we should be doing and answer a couple questions that they’ve laid out the responses to occur through those and we’ll also talk a little bit about. 

   The CDC guidance and also what came out of the White House in terms of recommendations on a national basis which are obviously less stringent than what is the put out by new York to date but there is some interesting information in there as well so we’ll talk about that briefly. 

   There is now it seems to be widespread community transmission of covert nineteen coronavirus. 

   In New York City so I act as if all of us have been exposed. 

   So. If you are sick you must. 

 Stay home. 

   Okay that is underlined in bold must stay home not it should stamp must stay home if you’re sick okay that’s put out by the city. 

   Monitor your health carefully at home. 

   Only seek health care if you’re really sick and we need to make sure people with severe illnesses can have access to health care and also we protect our health care workers from catching this disease so if you have mild disease you want to be monitoring your condition at home and avoiding stress and health system remember. 

   There is no scope and specific treatment for you through health care so you want to be speaking to your care providers to figure out what you should do in terms of home monitoring and if you do go out you must please try to limit your interactions as much as possible work from home. 

   Study from home avoid unnecessary interactions and events.  What does that mean? To me that means well they’ve already closed the restaurants bars etcetera the city sort of clamp down so a lot of our movements activities can be limited by what’s available out in the city so my thing is I come to work I am a physician and our office is working for the city. I have a feeling we’re not gonna be closing hope we’re not going to closing.  

I’m not interested in closing. 

   I’m happy to help. 

   So I go to work. 

   I go to stores that I need to to purchase what I need.  To hang out inside I’ll go for a walk with my dog for a walk with my husband.  Stay away from people.  That’s about it okay so that’s really what you should be doing and obviously if you have any doctors appointments that they deem is appropriate to come in person that should also be on your list of necessary events.  Everything else is off the list no family gatherings at centra you’re doing everyone a favor most importantly you’re doing your older relatives to favor those of the people who are at risk of dying from this. 

   So if they’re telling you that you must stay home when sick what exactly are the symptoms of COPD at nineteen so they are for things there are fever which is a temperature above one hundred point four Fahrenheit or thirty eight degrees Celsius for the metrically inclined. 

   Sore throats. 


   And shortness of breath which is difficulty breathing if you have any of those symptoms and they are not due to a pre existing underlying condition like asthma. 

   Or COPD. 

   Then you should consider yourself as having covert nineteen and isolate yourself accordingly and monitor your health. 

   So you should get tested for covert nineteen nineteen testing is reserved for people with severe disease like pneumonia for the rest of people who are sick with symptoms of covert nineteen assume you have covert nineteen. 

   And…. Stay home and monitor your condition most of you have very mild disease do not put yourself and others and your health care workers at risk by. 

   Coming in going to the ER. 

   When you aren’t acutely ill, that will just spread this infection do everyone a favor and stay home take your temperature twice a day. Monitor your breathing. 

   And if you are doing okay and in touch with your doctors and feeling well well enough to stay home don’t clog up the health care system. 

   Which I do if I get sick with covered nineteen symptoms if you have mild to moderate symptoms. 

   Stay At home and do not seek out testing – it will not change your outcome. 

   You can protect those in the clinic you might effect as well as the health care workers make it affected. It will be needed to treat more serious cases if you’re over fifty reach out to your doctor they may want to monitor you more closely. 

   Stay home for seven days after your symptoms started and you want to be fever free without the use of Tylenol or ibuprofen for three days before going out also if you have a sore throat or cough there should be gone before you return to your usual routine. 

   If you’ve never had a fever during this illness stay at home until three days after your symptoms started improving when you go to see a doctor and you’ve been having these symptoms you want to wear a mask and you want to sit in the back of a private car buying open window. 

   If you have more severe symptoms like severe difficulty breathing or high fever go to any R. or call nine one one for help. 

   What should I do if I’m sick at home I assume you have covert nineteen assume you have a you don’t need to test assume you haven’t there’s been committed the spreads out do not leave your home except to go to medical appointments were to pick up essentials like groceries don’t go to school don’t go to work and don’t use public transportation that includes taxis and ride shares okay you’re so mean that you have covered nineteen that’s why you’re staying home sick. 

   Where a facemask it’s available and of course wash your hands for twenty seconds — all the usual hygiene to make sure you’re not spreading it within the house you know cleaning services etcetera and while you’re at home assuming at nineteen and recovering make sure to not sure household items like utensils towels eccentric people you live with to try to minimize the risk of passing it to them and I. 

   This will survive this don’t have visitors come here come to your home it’s time to use all this cool fancy technology and do it virtually when visitors.