Social distancing…a six minute calm and informative video by Malecare Board of Directors member Vincent Santillo, MD

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  Well how do you practice social distancing right.  That’s something we all should be practicing right now immediately and I’d say probably nationally but for now this is absolutely in the guidelines for New York City. So stay home as much as possible no brainer create more physical space between yourself and others.  Not so easy in New York.  In certain situations where you’ll find it easier today as a lot of people are doing the right thing and staying home so I’m working with my hands in my pockets and I’m staying six feet away from people.  That’s the distance you want to be in general. Whenever possible do not gather in large crowds – that goes without saying. Work from home if possible. I’ve already mentioned that avoid nonessential travel a bit and avoid all nonessential social interactions so. 

  The way we could do all the non essential social interactions on social media so just do those but note now is not the time for me to get together in person with anybody but you know me I’m happy to meet y