Hello. Today is day twelve of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic still rolling  along. still. Things are going okay so today’s a special update. I’m just gonna cover one topic which is Matilda’s law which is a portion of the new executive order from (New York State) Governor Cuomo related to patients at higher risk of complications from COVID-19. So I’m gonna go through each of his not just recommendations or requirements for our older seniors as well as those with conditions that could predispose them to having a bad outcome under the virus so let’s get started. 

  So Matilda’s law applies to those seventy years and older as well as vulnerable populations which we’ve talked about before including people with reduced immune systems, people with heart disease, people with lung conditions. They need to follow some pretty stringent requirements.  Okay I understand these are requirements not optional anymore there is the force of law behind himself. First if you are seventy years or older or one of the risk groups you need to stay indoors. I’m not kidding. In doors that is where the virus is not. Hopefully. It is widely dispersed out in the community so please do not go outside.

 If someone comes to visit you: 

  They should be vetted meaning make sure that all aids and all visitors are checked to make sure they don’t have a fever.  They have no sick symptoms and that they are practicing hygiene and even if you do see them you should practice social distancing within your house from them. 

  Another thing is you can go out for solitary exercise. Did you hear what I said solitary exercise not go walking with a friend but by yourself … you were at that high risk okay. So go out for a walk by yourself but that’s really when you should be outside and that’s about it. Some people have misunderstood the social distancing rules as I can do whatever I want as long as I stay six feet away from you.  Number one: people don’t seem to know what exactly six feet is and are all standing next to each other.

 Number two that was really a backstop.

 If you had to be in the presence of someone that you at least have some cushion of space.  What you really should be aiming for is no contact. Contact people through social media, video conference calls, etcetera. Do not meet up at the cul de sac with your coffee standing five feet from each other. 

  It’s not smart and it’s really……

  It’s playing to the letter of the rules maybe but probably not really to the spirit. The point is to protect yourself from this virus and you’re risking it by gathering five feet from each other. 

  Okay. Do not visit homes with multiple people.  Obviously the more people there the harder it is to make sure that none of them are sick.  Wear masks. So when you were going out you should wear a mask. Not recommended for every population at all but you are high risk so I don’t wear a mask when I go out but you should and you really only need one.  Just wear it to protect you. It also help make sure you don’t touch your face but once again that recommendation is just those above seventy or higher risk. 

  Everyone around you should wear a mask.  That’s different from other recommendations so if you’re seven years old and people are coming to visit you they should be wearing a mask… you’re that susceptible to this. 

  And do not take public transit: 

  Goes without saying you should be staying close to home…. hopefully staying with the people that you live with. If you don’t live anybody, make sure you’re vetting your visitors.  It’s not just a matter of if I get sick I’ll have an ICU (intensive care unit) bed. The issue is that we may not have an ICU bed if you come in (to the hospital) That’s where this terrible rationing comes in. So, in Italy I think in Bologna they’re using a cut off of eighty and the cut off goes down to sixty five in the hardest hit areas of Italy in Lombardy which I think is where Venice is and it says if you have co-morbidities and you’re about sixty five you may not get ventilated. 

  Please think about that…. think of the rules …..think of your loved ones …..think of the younger people that might catch it from you. 

  And just use your head …stay at home.  This won’t be forever but it is for right now and they’re really not kidding and now this Matilda Law comes with the force of law. 

  So that should give you an idea of how important it is.  Now that law only applies to New York state but the virus the maze doesn’t follow borders it’s spreading 

So wherever you are in the United States If you’re over seventy follow these precautions and if not I understand that soon the virus will likely grow in your community and they will stop being recommendations and turn into requirements as they have become in New York.

 Okay that’s it for today… have a very good week.  We’re getting things done here. We’re getting ready to set up for this Brave New World and I’m optimistic that I work with the best people in the world and I know that they’re working really hard to make sure that we keep our community and ourselves safe. God bless…be well.