Malecare asked several prostate cancer focused pharmaceutical manufacturers for their plans to ensure all medications are available.
Many of our members have emailed or telephoned for more information about availability and/or how they could stockpile medication, vis a vie Coronavirus/Covid-19. Doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies are failing as information providers.
Our members want honesty, clarity, and as much certainty as possible.  Boilerplate statements like, “we’re doing the best we can,” or “patient care is our priority” only extend the agony that our massive patient population is experiencing. A written statement that is forthright and empathic would be acceptable.  
Below are the responses we’ve received. We’ll post more as soon as we receive them.  We are indeed grateful for these replies.

From Pfizer

Ensuring that our patients receive consistent and safe access to the medicines they need is paramount.   Our manufacturing and supply chain professionals have been working to ensure that the global supply of Pfizer medicines continue to be available to patients. As of now, we have not seen a disruption in our supply chain, and all of our plants in impacted areas around the world are operational.
Due to the continued strain on the hea