I believe there are certain foods and supplements that may help fight prostate cancer, but I don’t slavishly go after every fad.   For one thing, it takes too much time and energy to even keep up with the “It’s good for you today” and “Bad for you tomorrow” debates.  And supplements can be very, very expensive.

This fruit cordial was written about in a British newspaper and recommended by somebody in a PC newsgroup.  It sounds tasty and is unlikely to do you harm, if you can afford it.  It may be an easy way to pack in a lot of bioflavinoids, which are powerful antioxidants found in colored foods like blueberries. 

As far as “nutraceuticals” to look into:  If you’re a beginner, I would suggest finding out more about Vitamin D supplements (a lot of discussion about this at acor.org, prostate pointers liststserv), pomegranate juice and/or pills, and maybe a Vitamin E/selenium combo (this is the focus of a major government study).


From the UK. “Daily Mail”:

“A mixed fruit punch could provide a devastating blow against prostate cancer. The blueberry, grape, raspberry and elderberry cordial rapidly slashes the size of prostate tumours, research shows. 

“In tests, Blueberry Punch cut the size of tumours by a quarter in two weeks. Trials are now planned to see whether a daily glass or two of the drink could treat the disease and even prevent it developing in the first place.

“[It] is thought [that] the ingredients act together to cut inflammation and block a cancer gene. . .  [r]esearchers looked at the effect of Blueberry Punch on both cancer cell cultures in the laboratory and genetically engineered mice with human prostate tumours.  After only two weeks of having the syrupy solution added to their drinking water, their tumours had shrunk by 25 per cent, an American Association for Cancer Research conference heard. . .

“In Britain, the Prostate Cancer Charity said the drink had shown ‘promising results,’ but cautioned that the research was still at an early stage. . .

“The research was part-funded by Blueberry Punch’s Australian manufacturer, Dr Red Nutraceuticals. However, the scientists said they designed and conducted the experiments independently.”