[Photo is of a plaque on a firehouse near where I live.  It is a memorial to the 12 firefighters from of that unit who died on 9/11.  (Only one man returned.)  The sentiments apply equally to the men we have lost to PC, including my dear friend, Hughie.  “I can die but canna part, my bonnie dearie.”]

All week long in the PC groups I’ve been reading beautiful tributes to a man named Harry Pinchot.  I’ve been scratching my head, wondering — who was this guy?  Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Turns out Harry was a longtime PC patient, a friend in need and deed, and loved by many. Chuck Maack called him an “Advocate’s Advocate.”  Harry worked closely with Dr. Stephen Strum at the “Prostate Cancer Research Institute” (“PCRI”).  In fact, he was their first employee.  A friend sent me the text of a speech Harry had given, and I’m posting some excerpts Ted and I found poignant (full text is available on yananow.net).