“I Know I’m Dying, Children, But I Ain’t Dead Yet…”

I want to give a shout-out  to a remarkable blog I came across while reading about the Blagojevich scandals in the Chicago Sun Times a few weeks ago.  It is called:  "  Conquering cancer and heart failure...with Jesus, doctors and common sense" http://blogs.suntimes.com/banks/2009/02/i_know_im_dying_children_but_i.html.  This blog is written by a man named Lacy Banks, 65, who [...]

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Gleason Grade 7 or Above: Why You Should Consider Open Surgery

I want to pass on some information that newly diagnosed men absolutely should consider. It is from the excellent blog "Palpable Prostate" by A. Black.  The gist of this is that for intermediate- and higher-grade PC pts (GL 7+, PSA 10+), *open* surgery for PC is considered preferable to laparascopic (which includes robotic) surgery by [...]