Understanding the Result of Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer

Understanding a little about the prostate gland and its biology is not only interesting, but it allows us to ask some important questions that can be very specific to our prostate cancer treatment decisions and our eventual outcomes from these decisions. It also can simply add to the confusion we all face in making the [...]

The Well Reviewed Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer (A Survivor Perspective) Has Been Updated and is Now Available for a free Download

Somehow I have been negligent and not let people know that I have written and posted a major update of my “Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer.” As in the past, it is available as a free download from the Malecare web site. Helping me to update the book was prostate cancer survivor Craig Pynn and [...]

Circulating Tumor Cell Enumeration in Metastatic Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer and Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

An uncommon, but very aggressive form of prostate cancer is known as Neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC). It is generally accepted that Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) counts as measured by CellSearch (a method to catch and count these cells in the blood) are prognostic for most men with metastatic prostate cancer (mPC), but are not well [...]

Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer- What Is It?

Many of us believe that prostate cancer is one specific disease, however this is not true. In fact we now know that there are at least twenty-three different types off prostate cancer. The most common types of prostate cancer, or ninety-five percent of them are referred to as adenocarcinomas. One of the least common types [...]

A Lethal Form Of Prostate Cancer Attacked By A Targeted Drug Already In Clinical Trials

In today's issue of Cancer Discovery a group of international researchers report that an investigational drug had a dramatic response in animal models of neuroendocrine prostate cancer, a lethal form of the disease. The researchers pointed out that fewer than 2% of prostate tumors in men are initially diagnosed as neuroendocrine, but many of the [...]