We sang along.

We danced for hours, years.

We celebrated.

We competed.

We tried to frighten one another.

We moon walked, badly.

We made love.

We connected.

We laughed.

We pumped our fists.

We nodded our heads.

We fantasized.

We smiled.

We listened, loudly.

We two-stepped.

We grew up.

We played with friends.

We started our own families.

We cried.

…All while listening to the music of Michael Jackson. He was the brightest star of my youth, and his light faded out today. A flawed hero, yes. But that’s what made him human. He was also a dad. We were hard on MJ and we were good to him, our own flaws becoming apparent as we ponder his death, and watch random clips of his life.

The music lives on, and we all know the music speaks for itself. I raise my glass to a remarkable life.