I am something of a Christmas music junkie. I listen all day at work?to this station and sometimes stream the online channels where you get even more variety (my favorite being the R&B channel). People come in and out of my office and comment on how they can’t believe that?I can listen to holiday music all day, especially since I’m perceived to be a grouchy finance guy. To them I say few words, mainly?because?December comes and goes?in an instant?and I don’t have the time for such?bah-humbug. At home I play everything from the Polar Express soundtrack to Brian McKnight’s awesome new holiday CD. I even have Josh Groban’s dramatic foray into the classics. I figure this season comes only once a year so I try to enjoy it.

I don’t dislike many holiday songs. However there is one about a donkey that I thought is?inane?- luckily?I haven’t heard it all year. There’s also one about a dead lady getting new?shoes that is beyond sad, but I?kind of like it. Overall I find the holidays to be equally sad and joyous so there is a place for deep, depressing songs. BUT there is one song that after listening to it over and over again I just can’t get into. It was made in 1984 by some well intentioned Brits (aka Band Aid) and is called “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” I know you’ve heard it.

My problem with the tune is that it’s dated and a little ridiculous. When the song was written it was 24 years ago when feeding the people of Ethiopia was the African cause it was?created – in one day -?to raise money for. Today Darfur and HIV are the top priorities of most fundraising efforts?related to?the continent of Africa. In addition the lyrics aren’t appropriate. “Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” may be one of the?the most dreadful?lines ever uttered in a Christmas song, and?I’m the same guy who likes the ditty about the?shoes. It served it’s purpose, now it’s time to p