I hadn’t planned on starting this Blog in this fashion, however, when I woke up this morning my wife Wendy and I started to talk about the recent revelation that John Edward’s wife Elizabeth has had a recurrence of breast cancer. Putting aside my feelings when I hear about anyone diagnosed with any cancer, this particular revelation may have a significance for all of us who are dealing with any major illness, including prostate cancer. Actually, it has consequences for not only us, but for our families and for everyone else who may ever suffer from any significant illness. (That kind of includes all of us.)

Wendy, who is a practicing clinical psychologist, reminded me that when Al Gore was vice-president there was a huge increase in research dollars for mental health as well as the beginnings of what became legislation requiring parity from the health insurance companies for mental illness.

Next year’s Federal budget from the Bush administration actually contains significant cuts in real dollars for medical research. While we spend more and more dollars on building bombs to kill people, we spend fewer and fewer dollars on keeping ourselves alive! I don’t understand this.

Would a John Edwards presidency have an effect on research dollars? I don’t know. I am not aware of any statements that he has made pertaining to this matter. Then again, I haven’t heard any of the candidates, either Democratic or Republican, talk to this issue. Might there be shift in support for stem cell research, for cooperation among countries and among drug companies in sharing research findings at earlier stages?

This doesn’t mean that I am supporting John Edwards, but it does mean that I will certainly factor this in my decision process. Of course, I also have to wonder how he or anybody can balance the stress of managing an extraordinarily difficult job, like the presidency, and also the stress confronting family members and care givers.

Anyway, welcome to my new Blog . I plan on sharing my experiences, thoughts and feelings about being an Advanced, Recurrent Prostate Cancer survivor. Next week, as a representative of Malecare and Raise A Voice, I am going to be giving testimony at the Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapies Advisory Committee of the FDA pertaining to the approval process for Provenge. I will write about that experience when I return.