Did You Know That Metastatic Prostate Cancer Causes DNA Mutations?

Men with metastatic prostate cancer have higher rates of inherited gene mutations than men with non-metastatic prostate cancer.  Knowing about DNA mutations might help you make better treatment decisions. And you can also tell family members about their risk. Recent studies have shown that metastatic prostate cancer inherited mutations in the DNA-repair genes, such as the BRCA gene, can help [...]

New Markers To Make Better Treatment Decisions For Prostate Cancer

Making treatment decisions once you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer is difficult. Often, it is impossible to accurately and reliably be able to predict the eventual course of the cancer. Prostate cancer, besides being one of the slower growing cancers, is also one of the deadliest. So good, informed decisions are vital. The original [...]

Data Supports A Radical Prostatectomy Option for Some Localized Advanced Prostate Cancer

I have often had men recently diagnosed with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer call me and ask if surgery makes any sense for them to consider. I have never been sure how to respond given that their cancer is known to be already out of their gland. In response to this common question, researchers from the [...]

WHAT – Fired By Your Doctor! Sounds Like You Are Lucky

I want to share a post I made today on the advanced prostate cancer online support group ).  It was in response to an ongoing thread with a spouse (caregiver) who was fired by her husband's doctor by having his nurse call them.  She was guilty of asking questions, relevant and important ones, but the [...]

To Treat or Not To Treat, That Is The Question

There are no right or wrong answers for men with prostate cancer when trying to decide what treatment to have, or even if they want to have treatment. One vital piece of information that is often left out of the equation is the chance of dying from prostate cancer if a man chooses not to [...]