Obama Says “Men, You Don’t Count” As He Eliminates All Prostate Cancer Funding From His Proposed 2016 Budget At The CDC

Men, you don’t count! You have NO VALUE! That is the absolute truth according to President Obama. Just released budget documents from the President proposed budget for 2016 recommends that ALL CDC funding for Prostate Cancer be eliminated! Let me make this clear, no, the President is not recommending that Prostate Cancer funds be cut, [...]

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Ask the Obama Administration to Light the White House Blue – We Need 5,000 Signatures

Malecare has just started a new petition asking that the Obama administration to: Light The White House Blue on Men's Health Night, November 21, in order to raise Prostate and Testicular cancer awareness. If we are able to get 5,000 signatures by October 22, 2011 we will get a response back from the Obama Administration. [...]

Some Comments Posted on the ABC News Blog About the President’s Failure to Light the White House Blue for Prostate Cancer

Referring back to last Friday’s post asking that you share your comments on the ABC News Blog About the President’s failure to light the White House Blue, here are just a few of the many that were posted: Why politicize breast cancer? Every kind of cancer is horrible. Last month (September) was prostate cancer awareness [...]