Referring back to last Friday’s post asking that you share your comments on the ABC News Blog About the President’s failure to light the White House Blue, here are just a few of the many that were posted:

Why politicize breast cancer? Every kind of cancer is horrible. Last month (September) was prostate cancer awareness month. Didn’t see any hoopla about that – Heather D

I do love pink but right now I am very blue. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 years ago. We have undergone surgery, radiation, and are now in the throes of ADT and Zometex. Maybe if the president-whom we both voted for and still support-took prostate cancer seriously enough to turn those blue lights on-America might begin to take prostate cancer seriously. When friends hear my husband is off for another shot or infusion, I often get a response like-oh well at least it isn’t serious like breast cancer!! Well, dear friend, it’s going to kill him-those resistant little cells-so just maybe it IS serious-just like breast cancer!!
— Margret B

Pink lights on the White House for breast cancer awareness is a terrific show of support, but why were there no blue lights for the September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? The request was put in and completely ignored….there wasn’t even the courtesy of a response declining the request. And, worse yet, funding for research to eradicate this disease has been flat for too many years.
32,000 American men will die from prostate cancer this year. Yet support for crucial public awareness lags sadly behind that of breast cancer. America needs to seriously fund research and find a cure for this deadly disease.
— Rose Marie

I say the heck with blue lights… Or pink lights as far as that goes. How about trying to come close to matching the dollars spent for Breast Cancer on Prostate Cancer! Prostate Cancer getting short changed over Breast Cancer is just killing me!!! For real!
— Doug B.

It’s time to go BLUE at the White House…..our fathers, husbands and sons deserve equal support to raise awareness of prostate cancer!!!!
— Jayne Hufsc