I think about the dreams of mine that have come true over the last few years and I am appreciative. I published a written work, I wrote a book on black fatherhood that I will be publishing as an eBook in the coming weeks, I am Executive Director of a non-profit that I started and [...]

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I never went to summer camp. Not an away camp, church camp, YMCA, neighborhood camp... nothing. When I was my son's age I lived in Key West, had two older brothers, and my mother was a full-time mom. Summers were the stuff of classic movies - carefree and exciting. We had crushes on the girl [...]

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29 to 30

I'm counting down to the bitter-sweet (mostly sweet for the obvious "I'm alive" reasons) big day: my 30th. I have no plans for the milestone even though I've been talking about turning 30 since I turned 29. I have spent many hours over the past few months thinking back to my youth and trying to [...]

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