Scott Goodwin has blessed us with his third installment about his travels on chemotherapy. Scott should serve as a model for us all. He is brave, open to us all about his experiences and has figured out to how to use his friends and family to support him.

I feel great!!!!

It was a little touch and go on Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday I was gaining momentum. I also had a port-a-cath (*) installed on Wednesday in my chest. This will allow the nurses to stop the futile search for good veins. I had a surgeon friend of mine put it in and I would recommend that for everyone. Here at our local hospital P.A.’s (physician assistants) are used to put them in and nothing against the P.A.’s but I preferred a surgeon.

With the inevitability of my hair thinning or a lot or coming out completely we decided to have a hat party. We made a large pot of chili and invited friends over to watch me get my head shaved. In times like these some people that are close to you don’t know what to say so I was hoping it would help by having fun with it. The problem is that it really hit home for some of my closest friends.

I don’t know what I would do without my brother and this particular group of friends. They are actually like 5 more brothers. They are committed to help me get through this journey with all of its highs and lows. I can only hope others surround themselves with a close support group.

I look forward to work next week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love your family and your friends.

Scott Goodwin

* Port-a-cath: A more permanent injection site option.