Scott Goodwin Checks In

Scott Goodwin who periodically has been writing about his journey taking chemotherapy has given us a very moving update. Sadly, Scott is not doing well physically, but he is continuing his valiant fight against this insipid disease. - JTN I thought I would send a much overdue update on my progress with chemo, etc. I [...]

Living My Life In Three Week Cycles

Scott Goodwin has been a guest writer on this blog. He has been sharing his experiences and feelings as he continues his journey on chemotherapy. Scott is not doing as well as we all had hoped. His final paragraph says "When does the time come when a man will stop all treatments and try to [...]

Is the Honeymoon Over? – A New Report from Scott Goodwin

That is the big question I am dealing with this week. I have been so pleased with my recent success with lowering my PSA, but the last test has reversed the trend. My PSA has shown a drastic rise. It went from just under .60 to almost 2.0 within a two week period! As we [...]

Scott Goodwin Reports in with Some Encouraging News

Scott has been graciously reporting on his experience undergoing chemotherapy in this blog. You can see his prior posts by searching by his name. On his last report he shared that he was going to take an unorthodox step, stopping his hormone blockade when on chemo. Normally, when chemotherapy is used to treat advanced prostate [...]

Scott Goodwin Completes His 5th Chemotherapy Session

How does the song go- "Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be.” That is a feeling that I have experienced and that I believe we all will experience. Nevertheless, we have to continue to plow through our treatments, pills, endless doctors appointments and, of course the co-pays. I do find that it [...]

Living Day to Day (Living by PSA)- An Installment of Scott Goodwin’s Personal Experience with Chemotherapy

I completed my third treatment on Christmas Eve. I felt pretty good through the holiday weekend but started to fade a little by Sunday. The major side effect at this point is fatigue. As most of you know taking a nap doesn't always help, but still feels good. Despite the treatment we are on, we [...]

Scott Goodman Shares his Fourth Update on his Chemotherapy Journey

I had my second chemo treatment last week (Thursday) and it went so much faster with the port-a-cath (see the December 1, 2008 post “Injection Site Issues and Technology” for an explanation of a port-a-cath). As most of us who are traveling this trail will know, our veins take a regular beating from all of [...]

Injection Site Issues and Technology

As we meander through our treatments, we all will be forced to face the needle. Injections, injections, we all will receive injections and infusions. Despite the commonality of this experience, we read very little about them, especially injection sites and the available technologies for these injections and infusions. We also do not learn about injection [...]

Scott Goodman Shares his Third Update on his Chemotherapy Journey

Scott Goodwin has blessed us with his third installment about his travels on chemotherapy. Scott should serve as a model for us all. He is brave, open to us all about his experiences and has figured out to how to use his friends and family to support him. I feel great!!!! It was a little [...]