Do you remember at what point you stopped calling your father “daddy”? I don’t recall the age when?I switched to “dad”, but I’m almost 100% certain I wasn’t five. Recently my boy decided to try on “dad” to see how it fit, and he appears to like it. I, on the other hand, am feeling a little nostalgia for three weeks ago when I was still daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take my abbreviated title. For a few days not too long ago he was calling me Keith and that didn’t work for me at all. Plus, it’s better than some of the names that I’ve heard kids call their fathers. I just feel like he’s growing up so fast (cliche, but fitting).

What’s more is that he also refers to me as Bro. As in “Bro, do you want to play with me?” and “Bro, hey bro, can I have breakfast?” I don’t use the term. I like to use homie and brother, but never bro. So I’m at a loss for where he got it from. I must admit that I am amused enough to let it slide. OK I?kind of encourage it.?He’s developing a swagger that I I didn’t have until I was in college?and?swagger is?usually?a trait that leaders possess. I just have to make sure?that it doesn’t transform into cockiness and arrogance – but he has a few more years?until I have to worry about?that.

One more thing. Forgive me, it’s a little off topic. This coming week a Charlie Brown special is coming on network TV. It comes on after the boy’s bedtime. Forget DVRs and the fact that you can buy?it on DVD. Forget that it’s 2008. Think about when you were a kid and?watching those specials (commercials and all) were, well, special. Do you let the five year old stay up or do you wait until next year, or perhaps the year after that?