Gerald Levert died today of a heart attack at his home, reportedly in his sleep.  For those of you that don’t know he was one of the greatest R & B stars of the last 25 years.  A lengend in a business that doesn’t often spawn legends.  I saw him perform live a few years back and he tore the house down.  It was an esemble show and Baby Face was the closing act, but people were ready to leave after he did his thing because his performance was so energetic and great that it felt like the finale.   

There are two real tragedies here.  Gerald was the father of four children and they will never see him alive again.  And his father Eddie Levert, lead singer of the legendary O’Jays, will have to bury his son.  I can’t imagine what that feeling could possibly be like, and I pray I never will.  Gerald Levert was 40 years young. 

Dads, take care of yourselves.