Do you wanna know how I personally know that the cold/flu season is a real phenomenon and not something made up by vaccine companies and the CDC?  Well here it is:  My son simultaneously coughed and sneezed into my mouth this morning as I was buckling him into his car booster seat.  It tasted pretty much like my own spit and snot, other than the bits of waffle that were mixed in with it.  Yummy.  I very kindly said “bless you little guy,” to which he replied in his ever pleasant deadpan way “leave me alone daddy.”  Oh, I just want to eat him up!  The irony (or is it just a coincidence?) of the pending cold or flu that’s brewing in my boy is that he was scheduled for a flu shot this weekend and now, of course, we are going to have to cancel.  As many urban parents know, it’s not easy getting appointments with decent doctors. 

And my car’s check engine light is on.