I didn’t have to go to work today because of the holiday, so I left the kid with his great grandmother and went to the barber shop.  It was a lively day at the shop, much more so than usual.  We talked about politics, the old timers talked aboout the old days, we discussed racism, sports (which I don’t know a thing about), down-low brothers (I have no clue why), how messed up the youth are, and a bunch of other stuff.  All ages were represented today and many opinions shared in a friendly, respectful way.  I, however, was less into the conversation than others because I was focused on the young black dad that was there with his twin sons. 

The two little boys were the best behaved 21-month olds I had ever seen.  They did not squirm in the barber chair as they got their haircuts.  They were patient beyond what you can reasonably expect from children so young.  The dad had no toys and did not bribe his kids with food.  It was amazing.  We chatted for a moment and I found out that the dad was a reverend and on his way to a new church placement in the south.  I told him that he was lucky to have such well behaved children.  He said to me “I believe that kids should have a healthy fear of their parents.  I started working on that very early on.”  I had to smile at that.  My son has no fear, healthy or otherwise.  I always thought that my kid should have a healthy respect for me and I’m going to stick with that theory for a little while longer. 

Fear will be my last resort. 

I do wonder, now that I’ve had time to think about it, what the reverend meant by his rather cryptic statement.  I must have been too scared to ask at the time.