This guy Washington has personally offended me. Not because he called his colleague the “F” word (although I think that him saying that word is deplorable), but because he sought counseling for using it. Being a jerk is not a psychiatric ailment, and he knows it. You will not find his problem in the DSM IV. He is going to counseling to save his really cool job; it’s just that simple. Now, if he admits to years of outbursts and verbal abuse to friends, family, and co-workers then maybe I’ll consider the “I need help” plea. As it stands, well, F ‘im. Plus it drives me crazy that he, on a night where black folk were getting much deserved artistic praise, he decided to act out. Jerk.

I’m most annoyed by this situation due to the fact that I’ve seen a therapist every week for four years because I truly want to sort through some stuff. (Notice how the amount of time I’ve been in therapy directly correlates with the beginning of my wife’s pregnancy. Coincidence? Doubt it.) I’m not on meds, and I’m not sure if I have much of a diagnosis, but I do bring a truck load of issues to every session. Then and now I figured I needed a little bit of extra help sorting through my past, present, and future. I’m not trying to pass off my seeking therapy as a noble act, yet somehow Washington seems to be doing just that. Therapy is not a bandage, or something you do to look good in the media, it’s a long-term commitment to, well, you. I know this from personal experience, from being married to a psychotherapist, and from being the office administrator of an outpatient mental health clinic for five years. I really hope this jerk is honest to himself and his therapist. It’s the only way for him to get something out of this.

I gotta run, Grey’s Anatomy is on.