I post the “funny” parts of mine and my wife’s conversations with my boy.  These are the interactions in a day that I can look back on and discover the humor.  I don’t mention the other part of the conversations.  The part where I grow fur and go apeshit, or, at the very least, I put on my daddy costume and act the part.  I guess what I’m saying is that my devil talks nuff junk, but he get’s away with nada. 

I’m a liberal guy, but I know all to well the trouble that a person like my boy can get into in the long run if his behavior goes unchecked.  He’s three feet tall, full of energy, fearless, and black – a heck of a combination and one that requires a devoted set of parents with strong parenting values and intuition.  Well, two out of three isn’t bad.  We have our hands full but we have it under control because we know and love our boy.  

Gotta run, my son wants to test out his “angry eyebrows” on me and I want to be supportive.