Do you hate your dad? C’mon, be honest. I don’t think I hate mine. I don’t speak to him enough to hate him. My fear is that if I speak to him frequently, or at all, I truly won’t like him. He has a gift for never saying the right thing. Ever. His foot stays in his mouth and he seems to like it there. Plus, hate is a time consuming and emotionally draining endeavor and my time is limited. I prefer to spend what little I have loving my wife and son.

All this to say that I came across an interesting article this week by a writer named Bob Just. I don’t agree with everything that is said in his article, however it is a very thoughtful look at a culture that really seems to hate dad. Mr. Just even posits a theory that links the rise of gangs in America to to fatherlessness (is that a word?). I’ve heard the theory before and I believe it definitely has merit. It’s a long article but one worth reading and thinking about.

People hate their fathers for many reasons. Some hate dad because they never met him, others because they did. Then there are those that were abused in some way, or abandoned, or something else entirely. While others, as Mr. Just touches on, hate their dads because it’s kind of trendy to do so.

No matter the reason I’m sure we can all agree that lots of people think their dads sucked at the job. I certainly hope that down the road my son doesn’t join that group.