The friggin’ holidays.  I have a love/hate thing with the “season.”  I love it because I have a kid, and kids make every holiday a little better (and a little more stressful).  I hate it because I have a kid and everyone wants us to drag him from house to house spreading cheer.  Yes, cheer.  Little do they know my son doesn’t do “cheer.”  He does grumpy and moody very well (and he’s not too bad at misery and mean either). 

Also, people, or should I say family, don’t really understand that after a year of working in non-profit all my wife and I really want to do is sit in the house, watch the parades, cook, and eat in our pajamas.  We want to do this on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We want to be lazy because we are the opposite of lazy all year long.  Then there’s the fact that we are a new family and we want to have our own traditions.  This will be my fourth holiday season with my “new” family and I’m just starting to get good at decorating and shopping.  Am I ranting?  I suppose I am.  I should stop.

I guess all I’m saying is that I love my family, all of them.  But I really enjoy simplicity and relaxation without all the guilt.