Hello All,

I am happy to be here.  No, thrilled.  No, awestruck.  I have never blogged before, so I feel like I’m in the wilderness without a map.  But maybe I’ve blogged without knowing it.

Am staring at the screen, uncomprehending:  “Post Slug”?? What’s that?  “Slug” = “Worm”.   Isn’t a worm a kind of virus? Maybe something you send to a poster you don’t like? 

Yesterday, I got a nice note from somebody.  It said, “I agree with you about Midwesterners” (good), but I don’t want to post this publicly because of the flamers.  Flamers.  I have a vague idea of what that is, but I don’t pay them any mind.  Who cares what the flamers think?  That’s what’s good about being a relative newbie.  You post whatever is Appropriate, as well as whatever is Inappropriate.  You don’t have the wisdom to know the difference.

I will tell you all more about myself, but I’m not sure how much and how fast; maybe in driblets.  That’s because I am afraid that if I unmask myself, I will become self-conscious and it will interfere with my writing.  Also:  I don’t have the house with the white picket fence, the perfect American family, so why say anything?  (What is a typical “American family” anyway?)

Many of you may know my name from my posts in other forums, and if you do, I hope it brings up a pleasant, rather than a foul, odor.  What I do know is that I *care about* everybody in the PC club, including the one person I really don’t *care for*.  That’s because we are all huddled here together, standing under one big, karmic roof. 

And the guy I don’t like?  Well, even he has some endearing traits.  But he is such a self-righteous prig, he thinks anybody who buys Viagra overseas should be put in jail.  Lawbreakers are lawbreakers. 

Do we have any Supreme Court justices here?  Constitutional lawyers? Ethicists? 

Yesterday, I was at the local market, Fairway, when I came across some “holiday” vanilla layer cakes.  These were picture-perfect renditions of July 4th themes:  fireworks exploding, a bald eagle and an American Flag.  I wanted to get the last one, but suddenly it occurred to me:  Is is OK to eat the flag?  Have they ruled upon that, or is this a case of first impression? 

Absurd, isn’t it?  Just like all of of life with PC.

Take care.