Hello Again,Those of you who are not at a picnic, you have company. My dear husband (“DH”) is working all day. We are not in comfortable middle-age, as we should be. Something went wrong. We have to work for dear life. I feel sorry for DH: A man is not a man without a grill, maybe even more so without a hose.  Especially if you’re from the heartland — barbecuing (and gardening) is in your blood. We used to keep a grill on our roof 11 stories above Manhattan, as well as a spacious container garden. 20 rosebushes, maybe. And I’ll never forget how lovingly he tended those plants.I am calling this day Co-Dependence Day, because I am reminded that if I want to keep on doing this blog, which I do, I will have to make friends with the computer. Right now, every time I want to download something, I order DH over — he’s the “downloader”. I like having him nearby. But supposing he’s not here one day . . . Block that thought. I am resistant because it’s been hard enough for me to learn PC language. Have had enough of foreign tongues.But I must add that if the worst *should* happen, DH has only *himself* to blame: A couple of months ago he showed me his NY state tax return, where he had checked the box for “I want to donate to Prostate Cancer”. But then I saw that he had given the same amount to “Save Our Wildlife”. He’s got to get his priorities straight! I imagine a day when there will be a whale with a big smile on his face, and DH will be . . . where?? His life is worth a lot more to me than some whale’s. And the same goes for all of you!