Co-Dependence Day?

Hello Again,Those of you who are not at a picnic, you have company. My dear husband (“DH”) is working all day. We are not in comfortable middle-age, as we should be. Something went wrong. We have to work for dear life. I feel sorry for DH: A man is not a man without a grill, maybe even more so without a hose.  Especially if you’re from the heartland — barbecuing (and gardening) is in your blood. We used to keep a grill on our roof 11 stories above Manhattan, as well as a spacious container garden. 20 rosebushes, maybe. And I’ll never forget how lovingly he tended those plants.I am calling this day Co-Dependence Day, because I am reminded that if I want to keep on doing this blog, which I do, I will have to make friends with the computer. Right now, every time I want to download something, I order DH over — he’s the “downloader”. I like having him nearby. But supposing he’s not here one day . . . Block that thought. I am resistant because it’s been hard enough for me to learn PC language. Have had enough of foreign tongues.But I must add that if the worst *should* happen, DH has only *himself* to blame: A couple of months ago he showed me his NY state tax return, where he had checked the box for “I want to donate to Prostate Cancer”. But then I saw that he had given the same amount to “Save Our Wildlife”. He’s got to get his priorities straight! I imagine a day when there will be a whale with a big smile on his face, and DH will be . . . where?? His life is worth a lot more to me than some whale’s. And the same goes for all of you!

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  1. george berger July 5, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    Gotta’ comment on contributions.

    Pat and I are retired, and living on fixed incomes. So, rather than get into lengthy discussions halfway through the year on where our charitable contributions should go, we sit down, just after New Year, and draw up a list of exactly where our dollars will go in the coming year – – leaving 5% undistributed to take care of honest contingencies. We budget our contributions, month by month, to conform with our incomes, then write a check each month to the charity involved.

    BTW: Each of our charities “know the drill,” so we do not get dunned relentlessly by mail and/or phone.

    Then, we consign all of the remaining incoming pleadings for megabucks to the round file – – and we have a solid reason (and excuse) for turning down the myriad telephone solicitations that begin to appear in March and pick up in May after the vultures believe we’ve received refunds on our Federal and State taxes.

    We don’t consider this to be a heartless approach, but a prudent one, as there’s no way we could respond to all of the equally-valid requests that come our way.

    EBRT+PD103 Oct 1994.
    Still in remission

  2. Chuck Maack July 5, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    Hey, Leah, just checking in to let you know I’ll be tuning in every now and then to see how your new “blog” is going. For others reading, Leah is a caregiver who regularly also posts to the ProstateProblemsMail List (PPML) and through exchanges with PC advocates and her own personal research of our insidious men’s disease, has become a well educated PC advocate herself. Chuck Maack, Wichita, KS//

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