Imagine taking a drug that circulates in your body until it finds your cancer. Once a cancer cell is found it directly attacks the cell by delivering radiation directly into the cell. The cancer cell is destroyed with minimal collateral damage to your healthy normal cells!

If you suffer from the hard to treat lymphoma, this drug is already available for your use! Shockingly, physicians are not using these smart bombs drugs. Less then 10% of eligible patients are even being offered this treatment!

Why does this the situation exist? For some reason they are not offering this treatment option to their patients. There is a surprising resistance from the ontological community to use this radio immunotherapy

Sadly, there are major ramifications for patients suffering from Lymphoma as well as other cancers, including prostate cancer? Not surprisingly, the manufacture of this therapy is having a major economic problem. They are actively out in the market place looking to find buyers. If they are unable to find a buyer will they just fold their tents and make this treatment option unavailable?

Dr. Mark Kaminski, a hematologist from the University of Michigan and a co-inventor of this smart drug, Bexxar, has said, “Basically, they hit a home run scientifically… The shock wave that goes through here is that if you can’t get this to work in the marketplace, what’s the sense of developing anything else along this line?”

We, as advanced prostate cancer survivors should be concerned that this therapy option will fall into total disuse. This would deny us of the possibility that it may make its way to other cancers, including advanced prostate cancer.

Joel T. Nowak, Ma., MSW