Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment — Good Medicine or Business as Usual?

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote called, "PSA Testing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".  Please read that before you read this. Dr. Richard Ablin, father of the PSA test, argued in a New York Times op-ed piece recently that the widespread, routine use of the test to screen for prostate cancer [...]

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The Language of Cancer

I just saw that Dana Jennings, who writes a blog about his prostate cancer for the NYT, is discussing language and cancer.  So I recycled this essay I wrote some time back. It amazes me that doctors still use the word biochemical failure to refer to a recurrence of prostate cancer.  A doctor told me, [...]

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PSA Testing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A story about prostate cancer (PC) screening titled "The Great Prostate Mistake" which appeared in the New York Times last week, "went viral".  Everybody's talking about it.  (See   I refer to an opinion piece written by Dr. Richard Ablin, a researcher in immunobiology and pathology who invented the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test in 1970, the most commonly used [...]

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More on The PSA “Mistake”

I am reposting this from the blog, "All Things Prostate", written by Dr. Michael Glode, a genito-urinary oncologist at the University of Colorodo Medical Center .  .  It is a commentary about an article called, "The Great Prostate Mistake", which appeared in the New York Times a few days ago.  The author of this article is Richard Ablin, an immunologist [...]

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[From All emphasis, e.g., boldface or italic typeface, is mine.] "Prostate Cancer Surgery Performed by Many Surgeons with Little Experience" November 19, 2009 ( -- A new study from researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has found that the majority of surgeons treating prostate cancer in the United States have extremely low annual caseloads, [...]

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Wish You’d Been Here

As a follow-up to my previous post, here are a few pictures from my recent vacation (click on image to see full size): (1) a lighthouse at Halifax, Nova Scotia; (2) Cormorants at the Bay of Fundy, St. John, New Brunswick; (3) Acadia National Park in Maine; (4) Thunderhole, also at Acadia; and (5) Sunset [...]

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A Note from Your Blogress

I want to thank you all for the comments, letters and other ways you have kept in touch with me. This feedback is what we bloggers live for! But I have to share with you that it might take me a little more time than usual to respond because, although my mind is willing, my [...]

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On Healing

The following observation was made by Michael Lerner, Ph.D, winner of a MacArthur  "genius" award and author of a book about cancer and complementary medicine : Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Medicine (MIT Press, 1996). (Available at "Even when a cure is not possible, healing always is. You see, [...]

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Finding Meaning at the End

What I am posting here is an entry from the Wall Street Journal Health Blog, to which I subscribe ("Searching for Meaning in Terminal Cancer", by Shirley S. Wang, July 14, 2009). You can find the full text of this article in the regular edition of the paper ( "Celebrity spokespeople like Lance Armstrong and Christina Applegate [...]

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