The following observation was made by Michael Lerner, Ph.D, winner of a MacArthur  “genius” award and author of a book about cancer and complementary medicine : Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Medicine (MIT Press, 1996). (Available at

“Even when a cure is not possible, healing always is. You see, a cure involves our physical body. Healing involves that inner process of the mind and the spirit.

“There are people who are cured but are never healed. And then there are people who are healed even though they are not cured.

“That is the good news given to us — that healing is possible for every one of us regardless of our physical health.”

I think this statement is profound. It can be understood in different ways — e.g., metaphysically and psychologically. And you don’t have to believe in anything supernatural to take comfort from it.

Note: Michael Lerner also heads a nonprofit organization which sponsors “retreats” for cancer patients. See