Seniors Visiting “Dr. Google”

I am in middle of doing a cheap, on-the-fly kitchen renovation so I don't have much time to talk, but I wanted to share this with you.  It always bugs me how old folks are underrated.  A doctor wrote an article (excerpts below) on the excellent Health Care Blog today ( about how doctors and patients [...]

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Can Men With Prostate Cancer Undergo Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

One of my favorite reads is Dr. Kevin's blog (, winner of numerous awards.  Dr. Kevin writes about medical issues in a sometimes provocative but always entertaining way.  Yesterday, I was pleased to see that the doc wrote about something of interest to us: "Men of any age can present with the symptoms of low testosterone - including [...]

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Puzzle of Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer Is Solved

There was something about PC that was befuddling the doctors.  We know that prostate cancer needs testosterone in order to grow.  So many men are treated with androgen-deprivation therapy in order to starve the tumor, but unfortunately, this just buys time for the patient.  The cancer eventually becomes resistant to treatment.   What puzzled scientists was how [...]

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Vaccine for Advanced PC Looks Promising

This is an excerpt from a hopeful article I came across in U.S. News and World Report.  SUNDAY, May 18 (HealthDay News) -- A therapeutic vaccine to treat prostate cancer appears safe and may be effective, according to the results of an early trial. The vaccine could give hope to men with metastatic prostate cancer by activating [...]

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Can Masturbation Prevent Prostate Cancer?

The lead article on my PC newswire today declared that frequent masturbation may prevent prostate cancer.  A few weeks ago I read a similar article which stated that "frequent ejaculation" may prevent PC, but only if the activity is done when the man is in his 20's.  I can just imagine parents sitting their sons down and urging [...]

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On Charlie Rose Today: Reknowned Cancer Experts

I have heard only excellent feedback about Dr. Patrick Walsh's appearance on the Charlie Rose.  Dr. Walsh is former chair of Urology at Johns Hopkins and the inventor of nerve-sparing prostate surgery.  I have to commend Charlie Rose for choosing topics that may not be so "sexy" but are relevant to so many people.  I [...]

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Electromagnetic Probe Beats Biopsy for Detecting Prostate Cancer

  An Italian team conducted a study to evaluate the accuracy of the electromagnetic "TRIMprob" probing device in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Patients were examined and given a digital rectal exam (DRE) as well as a traditional prostate transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS). A TRIMprob electromagnetic test was also performed. A blinded investigator performed the TRIMprob [...]

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Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Advanced Prostate Cancer

From (via Reuters): Investigational GnRH Blocker Shows Potential for Advanced Prostate Cancer By Jill Stein MILAN MAR 27, 2008 (Reuters Health) - The investigational gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonist degarelix is as effective as standard androgen deprivation therapy in men with prostate cancer, according to phase III results announced at the 23rd Annual Meeting of [...]

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MRI Predicts Aggressiveness of Cancer

Most newly diagnosed men will undergo a CT scan of the pelvis and bone scan.  Ask your doctor to do an endorectal MRI as well.  If he doesn't have the equipment, try to find a facility that does. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ScienceDaily (Mar. 25, 2008) — Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in patients about to undergo radiation therapy for prostate cancer [...]

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