You’ve got to give it to the new CW.  They are the only major television network that can boast a block of black sitcoms.  In fact when last I looked the CW is the only network that has any black shows this season.  The Bernie Mack Show on Fox: Canceled.  My Wife and Kids on ABC: Canceled.  CBS and NBC never bothered to make any real atempt to target the black TV market.  As much as black folk like to spend money I’m surprised everyone doesn’t have a black show just so they can advertise fast food and beer.  MY Network TV (what a messed up name for a network) is such a train wreck I’m just waiting for the implosion.  I watch black TV, so I will be watching the CW on Sundays (the only day I can see my people be funny on TV, four shows in a row).  But isn’t it disturbing that no one else other than the CW has any interst in black entertainment? This is one monopoly that won’t be challenged any time soon.  I need to get cable.