I am so liberal that I am willing to read and cite conservative blogs in my posts.  (Or does that make me moderate?)  One such blog is La Shawn Barber’s Corner, which caught my attention when I was looking for opinions on homeschooling.  I have no preconceived notions about homeschooling and only started thinking about it when my wife and I were trying to come up with alternatives to applying for private school scholarships.  In life we must keep our options open.  I like the thought of building a genius at home.  It also appears that more black people are joining the ranks of homeschoolers, which is intriguing.  I’ve never met a black person with such a background, either student or teacher.  I will continue to research the topic with an open mind.

As I read more of her blog I surmised that Ms. Barber loves the idea of homeschooling and would probably hate me.  I am a fairly liberal, non-profit warrior that has faith even though I don’t go to church, and I did not vote for Bush in either election.  She would also find issue with the name of my blog.  She thinks of herself solely as “black” whereas I think of myself as black and African American.  I kind of like the fact that one title acknowledges my ancestors, while the other binds me to all of my people throughout the diaspora.  I take offense to people referring to a black person born in Barbados, Jamaica, England, Cananda or wherever as African American, as do they.  We’re all black, but we’re not all African American.   The same way all conservatives are grumpy, but they’re not all Dick Cheney.