It’s funny how being a dad sometimes gets in the way of being a “daddy blogger.”  Over the last two weeks I have been less than prolific in my writing.  I wanted to re-post a couple of my old favorites, couldn’t figure out how to do that, so I gave up.  I wanted to talk about my overall long-standing disdain for Bill Clinton after a recent attack by conservatives regarding his Al-Qaeda policy, but I just couldn’t find the energy.  I thought about speaking on the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith’s son, and how I couldn’t imagine losing mine, however my brain could not convince my fingers to get moving. 

What was I doing instead?  I was, along with my wife (and thankfully so), cleaning up some of the most rancid puke I’ve ever smelled right smack in the middle of our commute.  I was hunting for parking near my son’s school because the police will write you a $150 double-parking summons even if all you need is a few minutes to block traffic and drop-off your kid.  I was being cursed out by a three year old during one of his worst meltdowns ever, after which he explained how hungry and tired he was (makes sense, I guess).  I was being coughed and sneezed on because cold season is in full swing at my house.  I was buying and reading a book on child discipline.  I was fielding reports of my son not paying attention to his lessons. (The teachers are not taking into account that he has been reciting his ABC’s since he could talk, and can count to 100.  He has also known all his primary colors, and shapes including obscure ones like rhombus and octagon, since he was 2.  He’s bored.  At home we are working on spelling and reading, which is challenging for him.) 

Clearly I’ve been busy, being a dad.  And I hope that you all have been too!