Today I want to mention our own David Emerson, one of the most outstanding advanced prostate cancer survivors, advocates, fund raisers and educators that our community has been blessed to have work on our behalf. The first time I actually met David was at the 2007 Prostate Cancer Research Institute National Conference on Prostate Cancer. I only made it to Los Angeles on Sunday morning, the last day of the conference (it is only a two-day conference).

Once the meetings concluded, I ran out in the hall to search for him in order to say hello. I found him, with all his luggage, trying to depart to catch a plane home. He was in a small crowd of prostate cancer survivors and their partners being besieged with questions and concerns. He clearly was running late for his plane, but stayed there and responded to every question and every concern, despite his precarious time situation. This is the kind of man we are blessed to have work for us.

David was initially diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer at the early age of 42 years! He is now 45 and just started his first round of chemotherapy. Despite this, he is not a man not to sit around and give up hope. Instead, he has started a foundation to raise funds for the advancement of prostate cancer research. His foundation is named Faith, Love, Hope and Win. On the very top of the foundation web page is a credo that best describes David’s attitude:

When the world says,
“Give up,”
Hope whispers,
“Try it one more time.”

David’s faith, hope and love will help many of us to win.

You should check out David’s blog at: David’s Blog

As a part of the foundation’s web page, he has created a page of prostate cancer resources that can help all of us. The suggested recourses include, along with other items, information on diet and nutrition.

We all hail you David and tha