??? ??? I have no one to blame, But the entire world.

??? ??? I was young then.

??? ??? We all were.

??? ??? We breathed in the soot of a love abandoned,

??? ??? Not knowing what it was.

??? ??? Never understanding, never finding reference.

Then she broke.

Not in two, no

In Millions.

Too many pieces.

Our young biceps torn by their weight.

Gray clouds drift through my senescent mind,


??? ??? I recall the past in three-second scenes…

??? ??? Yellow dress, pumps

??? ??? In the garden planting poinsettias

??? ??? A father’s fleeting kiss.

??? ??? Smiling

Sometimes smiles fade into the ether,

And never return.

Upturned lips replaced by misery

Misery is so glad that you came.

I have no one to blame,

Maybe she does.