OK, I saw the new KFC commercial last week for the first time. I debated over saying something, not wanting to “go there.” I caught it again today and it is what it is: a dad laughing at the dinner table with his wife and two kids. A happy family by all accounts, and they just so happen to be white. This would be perfectly fine, even normal, if several bloggers, including myself, hadn’t been writing about the last commercial. I’m not trying to make this into a thing, really I’m not (I have much bigger problems to contend with in my life). In fact when I wrote about the last commercial I was very moderate compared to some of the comments left on my post and what I read on other blogs. I pretty much only had questions. But I’ll tell you that this new clip, so soon after the fatherless black family clip, has given me pause.

Again I’ll posit a question: Was that a chicken leg that just bounced off my cheek? (Or is this not worth talking about?)