I am a fan of the “timeout.”  It’s not the only punishment in my arsenal, not by a long shot, yet it has a certain appeal.  It’s a good option for lesser crimes; I stand by it. 

Many black folk have criticized me for advocating non-corporal punishments as a means of discipline.  They talk about the good ol’ days when our parents beat the crap out of us at the drop of a hat.  All I have to say to that is that my father whupped me, and these days we don’t talk often (twice last year for about 20 minutes in total).  I got smacked around often, which to me is the point - knowing a beating was imminent never prevented me from doing the bad stuff I always found myself doing. 

Anyway, if you’d like to hear me talk about why I like timeouts and how my wife and I make them work even with our difficult son, click here.