This being my 100th post (and my birthday) I figured I’d do something poignant and sum up my life as a father with this conversation had over dinner last night:

“Devin, why do you have that toy at the table? Stop waving it around and put it down. I want you to eat your dinner, and I don’t want to get hit with a train track,” my wife said to our little monster. Devin looked at his mother, his face serious, his brow furrowed.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again,” he replied in deep whisper.

It was so unexpected and so over the top that we had to turn our faces away from him, and each other, so that we could stifle the laughter building in our chests. It’s the laughter that keeps you from crying. After we thought we had composed ourselves, my wife looked at me with a straight, stone face and began talking:

“Are we being Punk’d? Is this a joke that Devin has been in on for the last year? Where are the cameras? Would someone please jump out with cameras! For god’s sake!”

Needless to say the scene deteriorated into guffaws and eventually smoothed out into giggles, then somber gravity.

By now everyone that reads me regularly knows that my son is a challenge, and that I write to keep from losing my mind. I try to find the humor in situations that otherwise would not be funny because thats the only way to avoid sinking into the abyss, never to smile again. It’s therapy for the weary mind of a father on the brink.

“Daddy blogging” thus far, though I’m not a purist, has been an experience. No one read my first post, now I get about 300 unique visitors a day and that number is still going up. My blogger buddy Tom was my third comment, and lucky for me has rocked with me ever since (the first and second comments don’t matter much because I haven’t heard from them again).

Since I’ve started doing this I’ve been called a racist and a friend, an idot and a genius, a strong father and a punk. I take it all with a boulder of salt. People have had fault with me calling myself African American Dad, prefering that I go with Black Dad. All I can say to that is 10 months ago when you typed either term into Google you got porn. Now you get my crap (I’m not sure if that’s an advancement – people really like porn).

Thanks for reading and laughing with me for the last 100 posts. Hopefully we can laugh together for 100 more. Special shout-out to the dedicated dads in my blogroll and to Malecare Inc. PEACE!