“Daddy, come on and play with me.” My son beckoned me to his train set in earnest. 

“As soon as I finish reading this article.”

“Daaaaaaaaaaddy, I need you to play with me.”

“Just a minute ok.”  I continued reading the article, looking up from my magazine only after I heard Devin pick up the phone.  I got a glimpse of him dialing three numbers.

“What are you doing?!  Hang up the phone now!”  My boy looked at me with rebellion in his eyes.

“I’m calling the police on you to take you to jail because you won’t play with me.” 

“Hang it up.”  Finally he hung up the phone.  I wanted to tell him that you never call the police on a black man unless he’s doing something really, really horrible/scary/evil/distressing.  Instead I opted for a less political statement.

“Devin, you should only call 911 when there is an emergency, like if mommy or daddy are hurt.”

“I’m not talking to you any more daddy.” 

He walked away.