The proverbial %&*# has hit the fan.  I got a call last week at my job from the Devil’s school. He was losing his damn mind in the background as I talked to a supervisor, the cherry on top of a long day overseeeing the operations of a 200 staff early childhood department.  I don’t know the details but apparently someone asked him to do something that he didn’t want to do and it ended with him throwing a bunch of toys onto the floor, pissing off his classmates who put them away all neat, and panicking the staff.  The kid can be intense, I can’t even deny that.

The incident, the most recent of several, made us finally pull the trigger on making a decision that we just couldn’t make up until this point.  My wife resigned from her job on Friday, taking a lower paying part time unionized job with full benefits.  I asked my awesome boss for shorter work days for the next four weeks, which is when the wife starts her new job, so I can pick my boy up from school earlier.  (After consulting with several child development professionals we came to the conclusion that the Devil needs shorter days; that’s what has guided our decision.)  

Had you told me four years ago that my wife and I would be making these kind of sacrifices, I’d have called you stupid.  But here we are doing just that.  I could have never predicted my boy’s personality and disposition – not in a million years.  I love that little boy more than ANYTHING on this planet, despite the fact that he is the meanist, grouchiest, most stubborn person I’ve ever known.  I’m not backing down though.  This kid has a daddy and mommy that’s it in it for the long haul and he had better recognize! 

Life is about to get real interesting (better?) for us starting tomorrow when I leave work at 2pm for the first time to get the Devil from school.  Stay tuned….